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Texas Divorce Laws was launched to provide a comprehensive one-stop shop for individuals learning how to start a marriage, file for divorce, plan their nuptial agreements, and navigate the asset protection elements of marriage and divorce in the state of Texas.

This is part of the Learn Divorce Law network of websites designed to help people during the divorce process. You can learn more about us here.
About the Staff
Shaun Connell
Shaun Connell is a Texan businessman and investor who is obsessed with Texas laws on asset protection. His goal is to help people create marriages that are built to last because they are designed correctly and without major power imbalances that become toxic. The goal isn’t divorce, but a healthy society with healthy and safe relationships.
Tiffany Homan
Tiffany Homan is Managing Editor of Texas Divorce Laws. She also serves as the Director of Business Operations at Connell Family Office.

Sophia Merton
Sophia Merton is a researcher and freelance writer. She is the primary researcher and writer of all of the content of the website. She spends an incredible amount of time double-checking laws, regulations, and Texas code. Her goal is to create useful, comprehensive, accurate breakdowns of Texas divorce and marriage laws.

Daniel C. Vaughan
Daniel C. Vaughan is an experienced attorney who has worked on or consulted in numerous lawsuits for Fortune 500 companies and the top law firms in the country. He’s worked on multi-state class action lawsuits, government investigations, and more. He leads teams of attorneys to bring new technology to bear on legal problems to reduce legal spend and find innovative solutions. He received a law degree from Regent University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science from Middle Tennessee State University where he graduated from the University Honors College. Any articles fact-checked by Daniel will have that mentioned in the article.
About the Website's Content
While this website is still fairly new, we will be creating 1-2 articles per week indefinitely about marriage, divorce, prenuptial agreements, as well as dozens of other related topics. Here is the content we have written so far:
Over time, we’ll update this page with more and more articles on important concepts Texans should know and understand about divorce, prenups, marriage, separation, annulment, etc. This is just the start of a long journey of educational content being created for Texans so they can understand and navigate this complex part of life for millions of people.