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12 Signs That A Married Man is in Love With Another Woman

Michael Tierney
January 2, 2023

Relationships can be hard work and require dedication to maintain. Early on, the relationship is driven by each person's love for the other. This love drives our connection with our partners and enables us to pursue a committed relationship with them. Unfortunately, that love is met with challenges as the strain of life breeds conflict. We can love someone with all our hearts but still get into arguments and disagreements that can end the relationship.

Some relationships cannot last, and breaking up is a common part of dating. Sometimes, marriages can end in the same way as the love you initially shared with your spouse cannot withstand the stressors you endure. Unfortunately, the most heartbreaking end to a relationship occurs when your spouse's love is redirected.

Solution The idea that your husband has fallen in love with another woman can be a devastating prospect and one you might be desperate to disprove.

Unfortunately, infidelity is a common issue in several relationships. While this might not be pleasant to hear, it is a possibility that many women consider it when they notice their husbands behaving strangely.

It is important not to jump to conclusions when you are worried about infidelity. Assuming your husband has fallen in love with another woman could end your marriage due to distrust. If you want to determine whether your husband has fallen in love with another woman, you should keep an eye out for certain signs.

#1: He Compliments Her

One of the main signs a married man has fallen in love with someone else is when the compliments begin flying. Men use compliments as a precursor to full-on flirting and use them to disarm a woman's defenses. Most compliments are kind and designed to make the man seem more charming, but these compliments can be fairly intimate.

Man Complimenting a Woman

When they are directed at a married man's wife, there is little worry. When they are directed at a woman other than the man's wife, it could be a sign he is developing feelings for her.

#2: He Charms Her

While the concept might seem abstract, there is a known phenomenon where men seem to dial up the "charm" when speaking to a woman to whom they are attracted. Charm is generally a fancy term for charisma that men use to try to endear themselves to the woman with whom they are speaking. This charisma helps improve the chances of their flirtations and compliments landing closer to home.

Married Man Charming Another Woman

Charming a woman is usually reserved for the initial courtship and diminishes throughout long-term relationships. If a married man seems to become more charming to a woman, they might be developing feelings for that woman.

#3: He Asks Her Probing Questions

One of a man's biggest fears is unintentionally flirting with someone else's girlfriend or wife. Not necessarily out of respect for the union but for fear of reprisal from the man they have defied. This has made probing a common tactic for men looking to charm a woman into a relationship.

Man Asking Probing Questions

They might ask directly about family members, such as husbands or boyfriends, to determine their relationship status immediately. Alternatively, they might ask tangential questions about plans for holidays like Valentine's Day or Christmas to see if the object of their desire mentions a significant other. These questions might be innocent from a single man, but from a married man, they indicate that he has developed feelings for a woman other than his wife.

#4: He Becomes Protective of Her

In the old days, men were expected to serve as protectors for the women in their community, prioritizing their mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters. This has only translated somewhat to modern society since men feel obligated to protect their wives at all costs. This sentiment is admirable since protecting our families is a noble goal, though some men tend to execute this responsibility with an antiquated philosophy.

Married Man Protective of Another Woman

Despite certain shortcomings, the idea that your husband is protective of you might make you feel special and loved. Unfortunately, this protective nature is not always reserved for the women men marry. When they are interested in any woman, they might try to take on the role of protector. If your husband seems particularly protective of another woman in his life (aside from female relatives), he might be romantically interested in them.

#5: He Looks for Reciprocity From Her

No man wants to be rejected by the woman they want to be with, even if that woman is not their current spouse. Months or years of flirtations and courtship can end in disappointment for several men who discover the object of their affection only view them as friends. This has led some men to try and steer the flirtations in a direction that gets the woman to expose how she feels about them.

Man Looking For Reciprocity

They might even try to reach out to mutual friends for clues as to whether the woman shares their affections. This helps cement their confidence in their chances with the woman. If your husband frequently asks how a certain woman feels about him or whether she mentioned him, it might signify romantic interest.

#6: He Always Has Time for Her

There are few bonds as sacred as the one between a man and his wife, save for those he has with his family and children. This means a man is supposed to be there for his wife whenever he can and will only be stopped by the worst obstacles. Otherwise, a man should always be there for his wife and willing to spend time with her whenever possible. This prioritization proves a man's dedication to his wife and is the ultimate sign of his commitment to the marriage.

Man and Woman Spending Time Together

This dedication to scheduling time for someone should always prioritize the man's spouse, but a man in love with someone else might prioritize the other woman instead. If your husband is constantly too busy to spend time with you or help you with certain situations but always has time for another woman in his life, he might be in love with her.

#7: He Takes an Interest in Her Hobbies

Most men have hobbies and interests that consume most of their free time. These hobbies tend to manifest when we are young adults and speak to the person we are, making the introduction of new ones rare. While some men discover a new hobby later in life, it tends to relate somewhat to existing hobbies or personality traits. For example, a man whose interests have always been in sports or hardware they are unlikely to express an interest in sewing.

Taking an Interest in New Hobbies

While few men will make such a radical change to impress a woman, you might have noticed your husband was interested in your hobbies while courting you. If this interest is extended to the hobbies of another woman, it might indicate that they are attempting to court her.

#8: He Shares Special Moments With Her

When we get married, we share our lives with our spouse, including the good and bad moments. Sharing the little moments is one of the common details of marriage, but sharing the big moments is what makes the union special. If your husband gets a promotion at work or loses a close family member, they commonly want to confide in the person closest to them. It is reasonable to want to celebrate your husband's victories and mourn his tragedies together.

Sharing Special Moments

This can only happen if your husband tells you about the situation so you can address it with him. If your husband elects to confide these moments to another woman, it could be because he values her support over yours. This could indicate that your husband is in love with this other woman since her input carries more weight.

#9: He Shares With Her What He Will Not With You

Like the previous sign, a man usually shares the details of his personality and history with his spouse. There are situations where he might not feel comfortable sharing due to past traumas or regrets, but otherwise, a man is an open book to his wife. Opening up to a woman a man is romantically interested in helps open a dialogue between the two. It promotes understanding, vulnerability, and intimacy that deepens the relationship on emotional and psychological levels.

Man Opening Up to a Woman

If your husband has traditionally been close-lipped about himself, it might be a shock if he opens up to another woman. Your husband's willingness to open up about himself to a woman other than you might be proof that he is in love with her instead of you.

#10: He Hides His Phone

Our cell phones are meant to be our communication devices that are not meant to be scrutinized by others. When we marry someone, it is common for spouses to share each other's phones from time to time. This means most married couples know each other's cell phone passcodes so they can use them in a pinch. A red flag could be your husband suddenly being very protective of his cell phone's privacy.

Husband Hiding His Phone

We want to stress that this is not an overly reliable sign, as your husband might have a good reason to keep his phone's passcode to himself. Unfortunately, it could also be because he is hiding intimate or flirtatious messages he exchanged with another woman. If your husband becomes extremely protective of his phone, to the point of hiding it from you, that could be a clearer sign of his misplaced affection.

#11: He is No Longer Intimate With You

Intimacy is a very important part of being in a committed relationship. Intimacy does not necessarily mean sex but can extend to emotional intimacy or more mundane displays of affection like kissing. This intimacy creates a profound connection between a relationship's physical and emotional sides. It is human nature to crave intimacy with others; our spouses are meant to provide lifelong intimacy.

Husband No Longer Intimate

When our intimacy needs are not met, it can cause emotional and psychological issues, though not to the extent that we "need sex" to stay healthy, as some claim. When our intimacy needs are met, our desire for it decreases proportionally. If your husband's desire for intimacy from you is lower than usual or non-existent, it might be because they are getting it elsewhere. In some cases, it is because his affections have changed, and he no longer craves intimacy from anyone other than this new person.

#12: He Criticizes You

One of the clearest signs your husband has fallen in love with another woman is when his opinion of you plummets. He might criticize how you go about daily tasks, how you speak, how you dress, etc. This criticism can overwhelm you as it will only become more frequent the longer he is with you instead of the person he wants to be around.

Husband Criticizing Wife

As hard as this might be to hear, he will criticize you because he no longer wants to be around you and instead wants to be with another woman.

Learn the Law

The idea that your husband might be in love with another woman can be one of the most devastating thoughts in the world. Marriage is meant to be a commitment and celebration of the love you and your spouse share, and losing that is unimaginable. It can be tricky to determine whether you are reading too much into things or if your husband's affections lie with someone else.

These signs, as helpful as they are, require context to be valid. It is also important to remember that one or two signs might be stress-related or due to other concerns. If your husband shows multiple signs, it might be worth investigating further. If your husband has cheated on you with another woman, it could signify that divorce is imminent.

A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is highly unpleasant and something you likely want to avoid, but infidelity can be difficult to overcome. If it seems like divorce is imminent, you might consider brushing up on how divorce cases work. Infidelity usually sways the case in favor of the victim while penalizing the perpetrator. We realize that is cold comfort given the circumstances, but we hope these signs are the kind you never have to experience.

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Michael Tierney

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