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How to Tell if It's Too Late to Save a Marriage in Texas

Sophia Merton
May 6, 2024

Relationships are always complicated, but sometimes you find yourself wondering if it's simply too late to save a marriage.

Of course, every couple is going to experience their own unique circumstances when it comes to the signs that indicate their marriage is in trouble. At the same time, there are a number of common indicators you can look out for.

There are few things as heartbreaking as realizing that your marriage can’t be salvaged. However, staying in a marriage that is only going to continue to disintegrate likely isn’t going to be a pain-free experience, either.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know about how to spot a marriage that has gone beyond the point of salvation in Texas.

Recognizing the Signs of a Failing Marriage

It’s surprisingly easy to remain unaware of issues in a relationship, but this only means that the problems will likely get bigger over time.

Recognizing signs of a failing marriage is crucial for understanding the dynamics between partners and deciding whether to work on repairing the relationship or to consider other options.

Frequent Arguments

While disagreements are to be expected in any relationship, frequent and escalating arguments that remain unresolved could indicate deeper issues lurking under the surface.

couple arguing about How to Tell if It's Too Late to Save a Marriage in Texas

If every discussion turns into a conflict, it may signal that there is a breakdown in understanding and respect in the relationship.

Lack of Communication

If you and your partner consistently experience difficulty communicating or an absence of open and honest conversation, this might be a strong indicator of a failing marriage.

couple arguing about How to Tell if It's Too Late to Save a Marriage in Texas

When the two of you no longer talk about their feelings, plans, or daily experiences, you may start to drift apart.

Increasing Emotional Distance

Feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner, where you no longer share your thoughts, feelings, or details of your day, can suggest a weakening of the bond between you two.

woman wondering How to Tell if It's Too Late to Save a Marriage in Texas

Some couples also find that increasing emotional distance manifests as a lack of interest in spending time together or doing activities that were once enjoyed as a couple.

Loss of Intimacy

A significant reduction or absence of physical intimacy, affection, and sexual activity can be another major sign of a failing marriage.

Intimacy is an important part of a marital relationship, and if you’re lacking in this area, it can indicate emotional or physical issues that need addressing ASAP.

Constant Contempt or Criticism

Regular criticism and expressing contempt towards each other, such as mocking, sarcasm, and rolling of the eyes, are harmful.

According to Dr. John Gottman's research (whose work focused on predicting divorce and marital stability through the analysis of relationships), this is one of the strongest predictors of divorce.


Regularly feeling the need to defend oneself from perceived attacks, or shutting down in conversations and refusing to engage (you’ve probably heard this referred to as stonewalling), are both signs of deep relational issues.

In order for a marriage to survive and thrive, couples need to be able to be vulnerable and truthful with one another. If everything your partner says to you is received as an attack (or vice versa), there is trouble afoot.

Living Separate Lives

Another sign of a failing marriage is one that can be hard to spot because it can develop slowly over time.

When two people gradually or intentionally begin to lead separate lives—pursuing separate interests, spending time with different friends, or avoiding home—it can indicate that the partnership aspect of the marriage is failing.

The Signs That It Might Be Too Late to Save a Marriage

Determining if it's too late to save a marriage can be a seriously complicated task indeed, and it often involves emotional, psychological, and sometimes legal considerations. There are several major indicators that might suggest whether a marriage might be beyond saving, which we’ll explore in this section.

Communication Breakdown

Communication is key in any relationship.

If efforts to improve communication have failed or if the partners no longer wish to communicate, it can be a sign of a breakdown in the relationship.

Emotional Disconnection

Feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner, where you no longer share how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, or what you’ve been up to today, can suggest a weakening of the marital bond. This might also appear as a lack of interest in spending time together or doing things together that you once used to enjoy as a couple.


Engagement in or a desire for extramarital affairs, whether emotional or physical, often reflects unmet needs within the marriage and can be a major factor in its breakdown. While there are many couples throughout history who have managed to salvage a marriage after adultery, it is most certainly an indication that something is awry.


Any form of abuse—physical, emotional, or psychological—is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. In such cases, the safety and well-being of the abused partner (and any children involved) are the biggest priorities, and leaving the marriage may be the best option.

Persistent Unhappiness or Indifference

If one or both partners feel consistently unhappy or have become indifferent towards each other, it might indicate deeper issues that could be challenging to resolve.

woman wondering How to Tell if It's Too Late to Save a Marriage in Texas

Ultimately, you want your marriage to be something that brings out the best in both of you, not something that brings you both to despair.

Loss of Trust

Trust is fundamental in any relationship, so a loss of trust is a big problem. If there have been betrayals, such as lying, financial sneakiness, or infidelity, and trust cannot be rebuilt, the marriage may not be salvageable.

Different Life Goals or Values

Over time, if partners find their life paths or core values have diverged significantly and irreconcilably, staying together might no longer be feasible.

This can be difficult indeed, as you may both still care deeply for each other, but simply be ready to part ways.

Reluctance to Work on the Relationship

Sometimes, seeking help from marriage counselors or therapists can salvage a marriage.

man at therapy asking How to Tell if It's Too Late to Save a Marriage in Texas

However, if one or both partners are unwilling to seek help or if counseling has not led to improvement, it might mean that it’s too little too late.

Steps You Can Take to Save a Failing Marriage

If you’re committed to making your marriage work, there is still hope. Saving a failing marriage often requires a commitment to change and a willingness to work through difficulties from both partners. Here are some steps that can help couples who are looking to heal and strengthen their relationship.

Seek Professional Help

There are lots of things you can do to work towards improving your marriage, but one of the most commonly suggested avenues is to seek some professional outside help.

Counseling or therapy can be invaluable in helping couples understand the root causes of their issues. A skilled therapist can offer neutral guidance and teach effective communication and conflict-resolution skills.

Practice Open Communication

Another essential thing to do if you are trying to save your marriage is to establish open lines of communication where both of you feel safe to express their feelings, fears, and desires. Though it’s often easier said than done, it’s important to listen actively without interrupting and to speak without casting blame.

Express Gratitude

You can also work to improve your marriage by regularly expressing appreciation for each other's positive traits and actions– this can strengthen the bond between partners. Acknowledging each other’s efforts in maintaining the household, career achievements, or parenting can foster a positive atmosphere.

Spend (Quality) Time Together

If you want to fix your marriage, you’ll need to put in some quality time.

Reconnecting through regular date nights, shared hobbies, or short trips can help reignite feelings of intimacy and partnership. Prioritizing time together is crucial in rebuilding a connection, so don’t skimp on this one.

Work to Rebuild Trust

If trust has been damaged, focus on rebuilding it through consistent, reliable behavior and open communication. This might include transparency in finances, daily activities, and personal interactions. Depending on how and why the trust was damaged in the first place, rebuilding trust can take a lot of patience and time.

Consider Renewing Your Commitment

Sometimes, formally renewing your commitment to each other, whether privately or in a ceremony, can reaffirm the importance of your relationship and your dedication to each other. If you and your partner both really want to make it work, renewing your vows could be a good symbolic step.

Practice Forgiveness

One of the most difficult things about being married for a long time is that a lot of little things can start to build up. Ultimately, though, you have to learn to forgive.

Holding onto grudges can poison a relationship. Learning to forgive and let go of past hurts, while not easy, is essential for long-term harmony.

Work to Rebuild and Maintain Physical Intimacy

Finally, it’s important to recognize that physical touch can help maintain a connection. This doesn’t only mean sexual intimacy, either. It can also include simple gestures like holding hands, hugging, or cuddling.

Navigating Marriage in Texas

Remember, it takes two to tango. Even if you are desperate to save your relationship, it’s too late to save a marriage if your partner isn’t willing to participate in healing your union.

If you're searching for more resources to help you navigate marriage and divorce in Texas, make sure you check out our Texas Divorce Laws blog.

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